Oh…Jimmy Jimmy

Mozza’s new contract

One of the major summer sagas for Albion was James Morrison’s contract situation. After several contracts over 9 years, his final agreement had run down and Mozza was free to leave. We all thought the newly promoted Middlesbrough would be his destination, but it wasn’t to be. He then ended up signing a new contract with us along with a considerable pay rise. Call me cynical, but I believe that if Middlesbrough were interested and would have paid his wage demands, he would be a Boro player now.

By all accounts his new deal is around £65k a week. Personally I don’t think he should be on more than £40k but that may be pre sky money thinking on my part.

Moaning in the media

Only weeks after signing his new deal, he was sending out remarks in the press about being frustrated that he is not playing. This is a guy who got injured in January and played no further part in the last 13 games of the season. We stuck with him through his recovery through the summer, and he has been back to fitness mere weeks before complaining about lack of playing time, and threatening to join Celtic. I know he has been a loyal servant but he is now 30 years old and will need to accept that at some point that he will not be able to complete every game over a full season.

I don’t know why he isn’t being selected. I don’t know whether Pulis still has questions about his fitness, or if Pulis is trying different things now we have our wingers. But to sit out a few games then run to the media complaining is ridiculous and suggests arrogance to me. How about Pocognoli, and Gamboa, and McManaman, and every other bugger who was stuck in the bomb squad down in the dungeon for months?

False promises

When the story came out about Mozza being frustrated at the lack of game time, a lot were defending him, stating that he had been made the same promises that we had about ambitious transfer plans. Sorry, but Morrison is an employee who is paid handsomely – not a fan. We pay to watch our team and he gets paid to do his job and play football. He has been here 9 years. I’m sure over that time he has learnt (like the rest of us) what Peace and our transfer windows are like, and that you shouldn’t base your career decisions on what Peace says we are going to do.

Sorry but I refuse to have sympathy for someone who stayed here because we gave him what he wanted when no one else would. Don’t get me wrong – I have no problem with Morrison as a footballer and he does bring quality to the team when he plays; I just wasn’t impressed with the comments in the media.


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