Our local journalists (Questions for Pulis)

Lack of good local journalism covering Albion now is adding to the frustration and animosity

Remember when we had Chris Lepkowski always shooting down our crazy theories with his “wide of the mark” statements? Remember when we had Martin Swain asking the hard questions of the club? What the bloody hell has happened to our local journalism?

We all know that Albion swooped in to hand pick our best local journalists to become part of the club’s media and communications teams. I cannot fault them for that. That was an excellent idea and the media and communication has generally improved while we have had very experienced people in the roles. I am not sure what happened there with Chris, but he is no longer employed by Albion and is back engaging with fans on social media. I for one am happy to have his insight back.

I can’t even name our local journalists for the Express & Star and the Birmingham Mail now. They do not ask difficult questions for fear of pissing people off and losing their access to the club. They produce endless articles of click-bait that tell us nothing we don’t already know and give us no answers at all.

There was a Brum Mail article today with the strapline ‘Empty seats, players cheered off, heavy defeats – what’s happening?’ and when you read the article it just said everything that happened on Saturday with no explanation as to ‘What’s happening’ at all. This type of click-bait with no substance, and articles about 5 bloody things we have learnt is all we come to expect from our local journalists nowadays. I have some questions I want answered……

My questions

These are the hard questions that journalists do no want to ask. Rest assured, if I meet Pulis at an event again, I promise I will be asking some of these. I want questions answered about our squad, his selections, his game plans and his transfers. It is about time that we had some answers to the following……



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