Moving on up?

Our new counter attacking style

Tony Pulis is in his 25th year of management, and in this game you don’t last that long without being effective. Over those years he has built a reputation for his physical and direct football style – preferring not to utilise full backs and relying on set pieces. This is what frustrated us last season, with Rondon always on his own and half a mile away from everyone else, who sat in their defensive formation while teams came at us over and over.

Since October, something has changed. We still don’t mind letting the opposition have the ball, but we are moving the ball around with much more haste, keeping possession a lot better and getting the ball out to our wingers quickly to set up effective counter attacks. We are now trying to go forward and trying to win games, and we have put in several excellent performances in the past few weeks. We are also now utilising Rondon’s greatest strength – his quality in the air – as proven by his amazing 13 minute header hat trick against Swansea.

Long may it continue!

Players on form

It was only a few weeks ago where some were stating that we had purchased duds in acquiring Phillips and Nyom. It appears they have now settled and grown in confidence and have been two of our stand out performers in recent weeks.

Chadli and Evans have kept up their usual high standard, and with Brunt and Fletcher returning to good form we have a team very much in the zone and high on confidence at the moment.

However, I am still a bit concerned about the depth of our squad. We have one of the oldest squads in the league and don’t have quality cover for all positions. This has been caused by several windows of buying back up players and ‘getting by’, rather than replacements for our regular starters. For example – he has been an excellent servant for us, but Olsson shouldn’t be anywhere near the first team any more. It is going to take several windows to rectify the squad situation, but hopefully we will get a few January reinforcements.

Daring to dream?

Many reports have suggested that Pulis’ new target under the new regime is to steadily improve and get in to that top ten, and even rumours that Europe might be on their radar. The calibre of player we are rumoured to be seeking in January, plus Leicester showing last season what a settled team high on confidence can achieve, means we would be forgiven of daring to dream.

Pulis will never win over some fans; they have grudges that can’t be overcome. But the rest of us have just been asking for a bit more attacking intent and setting out to win against teams around us in the league, and right now that is exactly what we’re getting.


Taking on the Champions

Leicester’s form this season has shown just what a massive ‘one off’ their first place finish was last season.

Remembering the fallen

Leicester went above and beyond in their efforts to honour the fallen for Remembrance. The stadium had poppies on the exterior walls, the groundsman had cut poppies into the pitch, and plastic bags were provided on seats to create a stunning visual display of red poppies on a white field.

One thing I did notice was the lack of information regarding the planned silence and display. I know it was the designated weekend for Premier League teams to do their Remembrance gestures and people should have really known, but the way Leicester’s concourse is down two flights of stairs from the pitch means you can’t hear anything that is going on. I didn’t even realise that the match had restarted after half time. Also the lack of TV screens meant that some people still in the concourse were unaware of The Last Post being played and continued to sing downstairs, leading to derision towards us from the Leicester fans. However, I have had a look on the Leicester forums and it appears some of their fans were caught out by this also, as they could hear Leicester songs during the silence.

Other than that I think the Remembrance activities were well observed by both sets of fans.

Yet another library

I would hope that if we ever win the top division in it’s current guise as The Premier League, the following season we would have a much better atmosphere than what I experienced at the King Power Stadium.

They have clappers which they all seem to do their own thing with; clapping at random times with no rhythm or song to accompany it. They have very cringey goal music and a drum, and I still thought their support was absolutely awful. The most witty thing they managed to come up with was “Champions of England, You’ll never sing that”, conveniently forgetting that we have in fact been Champions, almost 100 years before they were.

Their fans now appear to have the cockiness of fans of the top teams, but without the ability of the players on the field to back it up. None of us could believe their achievement last season, and I said on many occasions that it was like everything had come together in their favour: lack of serious injuries, all top teams being poor, etc.

In contrast, our away support was once again excellent. We backed the team throughout and came up with a couple of new, catchy songs.

Praise for Pulis

I think Pulis got the tactics for Sunday spot on. Performances like this where we press the opposition, not giving the ball away so easily and breaking quickly when we have the ball are all that we ‘Pulis haters’ have been asking for. If this was the usual standard of our play, we wouldn’t be complaining. I hope that this continues, but in previous games where we have done very well, he has still reverted to type in the next.

It was good to see Morrison and Brunt back in the side together, and Matt Phillips had his best game for us so far, in my opinion. Pulis says that Phillips’ only problem is a lack of self belief, so hopefully that performance and winning goal will do his confidence the world of good.

Jonny Evans was once again solid, and completely mugged off Okazaki with his change of direction (which I am still laughing about now!). The new song for him is very apt…..”Don’t worry, about a thing, ‘cus with Evans at the back, it’s gonna be alright”.

Our local journalists (Questions for Pulis)

Lack of good local journalism covering Albion now is adding to the frustration and animosity

Remember when we had Chris Lepkowski always shooting down our crazy theories with his “wide of the mark” statements? Remember when we had Martin Swain asking the hard questions of the club? What the bloody hell has happened to our local journalism?

We all know that Albion swooped in to hand pick our best local journalists to become part of the club’s media and communications teams. I cannot fault them for that. That was an excellent idea and the media and communication has generally improved while we have had very experienced people in the roles. I am not sure what happened there with Chris, but he is no longer employed by Albion and is back engaging with fans on social media. I for one am happy to have his insight back.

I can’t even name our local journalists for the Express & Star and the Birmingham Mail now. They do not ask difficult questions for fear of pissing people off and losing their access to the club. They produce endless articles of click-bait that tell us nothing we don’t already know and give us no answers at all.

There was a Brum Mail article today with the strapline ‘Empty seats, players cheered off, heavy defeats – what’s happening?’ and when you read the article it just said everything that happened on Saturday with no explanation as to ‘What’s happening’ at all. This type of click-bait with no substance, and articles about 5 bloody things we have learnt is all we come to expect from our local journalists nowadays. I have some questions I want answered……

My questions

These are the hard questions that journalists do no want to ask. Rest assured, if I meet Pulis at an event again, I promise I will be asking some of these. I want questions answered about our squad, his selections, his game plans and his transfers. It is about time that we had some answers to the following……


A nice trip to the library

All the bloody M6 traffic on the way to and from Anfield made Saturday a very long day….

Stadium full of tourists

Apart from the usual pre-match rendition of ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’, and a couple of cries of ‘Liverpool’, the Liverpool fans might as well have not been there. Our away following on the other hand was back to its best, with the team being backed throughout and some rather funny chants at our own expense.

I was quite amused to see the look on the faces of the home fans in the Main Stand looking rather confused at these away fans who were having a laugh regardless, and still backing our team at 2-0 down. To these tourists who pay to only see entertainment and pretty much want to be guaranteed to see a win, people who just love their club and who can laugh at themselves must seem really strange.

Missed the bloody goal

So, at 80 minutes I decided to pop to the toilet to avoid getting lost at full time and not being able to find my way back to the coach. During this I heard a massive cheer go up as Gareth McAuley pulled us one back. When I returned to my seat it was 2-1 and Liverpool were looking a bit nervous. Things were still very end to end up until the final whistle, but you could feel Klopp’s and Liverpool’s nervousness as Albion had nothing to lose by going for it.

Honorable mentions

It was good to see Robson-Kanu getting longer than his token 1-2 minutes of stoppage time he usually gets. I am not sure what Pulis is expecting him to achieve in 1-2 minutes, so I presume it is usually a time wasting tactic or something. In this instance it was due to an injury to McClean. He didn’t do too bad and would be an obvious choice against Man City if McClean doesn’t recover from his leg gash in time. (Update: McClean has had his leg wound stitched and will be OK for Man City game)

Ben Foster once again pulled off some inexplicable saves, and our defence wasn’t too bad in general considering we only conceded two despite Liverpool’s seven shots on target. The main problems came from giving Liverpool too much respect and space, and losing possession far too easily when we managed to get the ball.

Darren Fletcher’s form has been nowhere near that of when he first joined, yet still there was news last month that he is to be offered a contract extension. Pulis is obviously reluctant to drop our captain, but it needs to happen at some point if it continues.

When Brunt is out you forget how important he is to our team and what a difference he can make. He is the best crosser of the ball in our entire squad. I am glad he is back as we will score a lot more goals from set pieces. Don’t forget that the last time he played a full season he got 10 assists.

Remembering Hillsborough

When Liverpool came to our place earlier this year, there was a lot of coverage of the club’s gesture to change 96 blue seats to red, each marked with a name of someone who went to a football match but never came home. This gesture was very much appreciated by the friends and families of those affected by the Hillsborough tragedy.

On Saturday, the banner that was displayed in our home fixture was ceremoniously placed next to the Hillsborough memorial outside of Anfield by two baggies Mick and John. There hasn’t been a lot of media coverage but it has been mentioned and appreciated all over social media. There have been so many comments from Liverpool fans about how respectful and considerate WBA fans are, so I just wanted to mention these great gestures and how proud I am of West Bromwich Albion and our amazing fans.

Spurred On

One Ben Foster

Ben Foster put in an excellent shot stopping performance against Tottenham. The way he got across his goal at times to keep Spurs out was exceptional.

Without a doubt we should have been 3-0 down at least by half time, considering the pressure Spurs were putting us under at times during the first half. Foster rightly won match of the match, although I thought Tottenham were not as potent in front of goal as their recent form suggests.

Conceding possession

In the car after the game, I kept hearing TalkSport making a point of us conceding over 70% possession to Tottenham. Yes we get frustrated if we are doing this kind of thing against the likes of Northampton, but I saw no problem with going with this approach today. Tottenham are on very good form so far, having only conceded 3 goals in the league until Saturday.

Keeping things tight while conceding possession and utilising set pieces is exactly what Pulis does and is the reason he is still managing in this league after all these years. I even commented on the half time stats that they looked like Spurs were about to be “Pulised”. People only get frustrated when he keeps the same approach against teams we are capable of taking the game to.

In games against top teams or teams on a great run of form, letting them have the ball and then hitting them on the break is the way to go. Leicester won a bloody title doing it!


It isn’t Gardner’s fault – and it may not even be Pulis’ fault – but when the inevitable Gardner substitution is made it appears to signal to the team to sit back and hold on. We always seem more likely to concede when he does this, as it changes the dynamic of the team near the end of games. I can’t say that different substitutions would have resulted in 3 points, but it does frustrate me that we become disjointed and invite the opposition onto us when he makes certain substitutions.

Some of his substitutions are very suitable and work out well. Without the introduction of Brunt on Saturday the goal wouldn’t have come about. But even then Pulis appears very indecisive about his subs. At one point Morrison was changed and ready, then Leko, then Robsob-Kanu on three occasions before sitting back down again. Games obviously develop and he may change his mind, but on a few occasions we have conceded during this faffing about. I just wish Pulis would be more decisive and positive about his substitutions.

“Irrelevant” Albion







I think neutrals and opposition fans see what they want to see most of the time. The Pulis team tag means that there’s already an assumption of hoofball, time wasting and playing dirty. Yes I admit we are these things at times, but even after the performance against West Ham there were comments about how boring and negative and dirty we supposedly are.

I find it funny when people throw out the “irrelevant” insult at us  – which they do more often than not because we have taken points off them. It’s like anyone who is not competing for the top 6 should turn up and attack the big teams and end up conceding 5 goals for the good of the game and for a more dramatic title race. We can’t be that irrelevant if we piss people off so much!

The media will also moan because letting the opposition play in front of you and keeping things tight doesn’t make good highlights or talking points for their radio and TV shows. Yes we haven’t won anything in a long while, and we are one of the “just there” Premier League teams, but you can say that about half of the teams in this league.

Where are they now? (Part Two – Youth/Academy players)

Izzy Brown


Age now: 19

Current Club: Rotherham (on loan from Chelsea)

Joined Albion: 2010 from Leicester City’s academy

Left Albion: 2013 to Chelsea

Post Albion Career Summary: 

  • Has made 1 senior appearance for Chelsea, against Albion in 2014
  • Spent 2014-15 season on loan at Vitesse
  • Currently on season long loan at Rotherham in the Championship
  • Recently represented England Under 19s at the European Championship Finals in July 2016

Yan Dhanda


Age now: 17

Current Club: Liverpool

Joined Albion: 2013

Left Albion: July 2013 to Liverpool

Post Albion Career Summary: 

  • Plays for Liverpool Under 18s. Recently returned from injury
  • Became Liverpool’s first player of Indian heritage when he signed his first professional deal in 2015

Jerome Sinclair


Age now: 20

Current Club: Watford

Joined Albion: 2006

Left Albion: 2011 to Liverpool

Post Albion Career Summary: 

  • Stayed at Liverpool for 5 years playing at various youth levels
  • Made 2 Premier League appearances and 2 Cup appearances for the Liverpool first team
  • Had short loan spell at Wigan Athletic, only making 1 appearance as a substitute
  • Signed for Watford in July 2016 on a free transfer, with Liverpool receiving a £4 million development fee
  • Last represented England at Under 17 level in 2013

Kemar Roofe


Age now: 23

Current Club: Leeds United

Joined Albion: 2009 – youth scholarship

Left Albion: 2015 to Oxford United, after initial loan spell

Post Albion Career Summary: 

  • Played regularly for Oxford United in the 2015-16 season, making 48 appearances and scoring 26 goals
  • Assisted Oxford United reaching the 2016 Football League Trophy Final and gained promotion to League One
  • Voted ‘Sky Bet League Two’s player of the year’ and named in the ‘League Two Team Of The Year’ in 2016
  • Joined Leeds in July 2016 on a 4 year deal

George Thorne


Age now: 23

Current Club: Derby County

Joined Albion: 2004, turned pro 2010

Left Albion: 2014 to Derby County

Post Albion Career Summary: 

  • Joined Derby on a 4 year deal in 2014. Days later, he suffered a cruciate knee ligament injury which rules him out for the majority of the 2014-15 season
  • Made 36 appearances for Derby during 2015-16 before suffering a double leg break in the final game of the season, leading him to miss Derby’s play off games. He is still in rehabilitation from his injury and is expected back November 2016

Cameron Gayle


Age now: 23

Current Club: Sutton Coldfield Town

Joined Albion: 2009, turned pro 2012

Left Albion: 2014 to Shrewsbury Town

Post Albion Career Summary: 

  • Joined Shrewsbury Town on a 2 year deal in 2014, after spending the 2012-13 and 2013-14 seasons there on loan
  • Contract was terminated early by mutual consent following Shrewsbury Town’s promotion to League One in 2015
  • Signed for Oxford under Michael Appleton for 1 month before being sent on loan to Cambridge United for 2 months
  • Signed for Sutton Coldfield Town in 2016

Romaine Sawyers


Age now: 24

Current Club: Brentford

Joined Albion: 2004, turned pro 2009

Left Albion: 2013 to Walsall after an initial loan spell

Post Albion Career Summary: 

  • Spent 3 years at Walsall, making over 150 appearances. Reached the final of the Football League Trophy in 2015 and named in the ‘League One PFA Team of the Year’ in 2016
  • Left Walsall as a free agent in 2016 after rejecting a new contract and joined Brentford in the Championship
  • Continues to play International football for Saint Kitts and Nevis

Sam Mantom


Age now: 24

Current Club: Scunthorpe United

Joined Albion: 2010, turned pro 2010

Left Albion: 2013 to Walsall, after an initial loan spell

Post Albion Career Summary: 

  • Joined Walsall on a free transfer after spending the 2012-13 season on loan there
  • Spent 3 years at Walsall, making over 100 appearances and was named Walsall’s Player of the Year in 2014
  • Recently joined Scunthorpe United on a 3 year deal


Lateef Elford-Alliyu

Soccer - Pre Season Friendly - Histon v West Bromwich Albion - The Glassworld Stadium

Age now: 24

Current Club: Free agent

Joined Albion: 2006, turned pro 2010

Left Albion: 2012 to Bury, after an initial loan

Post Albion Career Summary: 

  • Joined Bury on a 1 year deal but only made 5 appearances due to a change of manager
  • Spent 6 months at Crawley Town before joining Tamworth
  • Joined Maltese team Valletta for the 2014-15 season, making 35 appearances
  • Moved to Coventry City in September 2015 on a 4 month deal and is now a free agent

Stuart Nicholson


Age now: 29

Current Club: Springvale City

Joined Albion: 2005, turned pro 2005

Left Albion: Released in 2008, signed by Newcastle Blue Star

Post Albion Career Summary: 

  • Has played only at semi professional level since leaving Albion in 2008
  • Currently at his 15th club in 9 years, often switching clubs 2 or 3 times each season
  • Moved to Australia in 2010 and has since played for lower league Australian clubs such as Sunshine George Cross, Northcote City and Bentleigh Greens

Chris Wood


Age now: 24

Current Club: Leeds United

Joined Albion: 2009, turned pro 2009

Left Albion: 2013, joined Leicester City

Post Albion Career Summary: 

  • Joined Leicester City in 2013 and assisted them in gaining promotion to the Premier League in the 2013-14 season, gaining a Championship Winners medal
  • Made a few Premier League appearances for Leicester during the 2014-15 season before a brief loan spell at Ipswich Town
  • Joined Leeds United on a 4 year deal in 2015 and was their top goal scorer for the 2015/16 season, scoring 13 goals. He has continued playing regularly for Leeds this season
  • Wood still plays for New Zealand at International level and in 2014 he became the youngest ever captain for the New Zealand National Team, aged 22



Where are they now? (Part One – Senior Players 2009-2014)

Marc-Antoine Fortuné


Age now: 35

Current Club: Southend United (League One)

Joined Albion: 2009 loan from AS Nancy, 2010 permanent from Celtic

Left Albion: Released 2013 following loan spell at Doncaster Rovers, joined Wigan Athletic

Post Albion Career Summary: 

  • Followed Mowbray to Celtic following his initial loan spell before being sold to Albion
  • Spent 2 seasons at Wigan making 71 appearances but with only 5 goals
  • Signed a 1 year contract at Coventry City in September 2015
  • Recently joined Southend United following a trial

Zoltán Gera


Age now: 37

Current Club: Ferencváros (Nemzeti Bajnokság I)

Joined Albion: 2004 from Ferencváros / 2011 following release from Fulham

Left Albion: 2008 free transfer to Fulham / 2014 contract expired

Post Albion Career Summary:

  • Spent 3 seasons at Fulham between his spells at Albion
  • Joined Ferencváros in 2014 and has assisted them in winning the Hungarian League, Hungarian Cup and Hungarian Super Cup – making 59 appearances in 2 seasons
  • He is still playing International Football, currently with 93 senior caps. Represented Hungary as Vice Captain at Euro 2016 and scored a stunning goal against Portugal……Gera Goal v Portugal

Leon Barnett


Age now: 30

Current Club: Bury (League One)

Joined Albion: 2007 from Luton Town

Left Albion: 2011 to Norwich after loan spells at Norwich and Coventry

Post Albion Career Summary: 

  • Joined Norwich during the Paul Lambert era. Spent one season in the Championship before gaining promotion. Norwich went on to stay up but Barnett’s appearances got rarer and rarer
  • Had a short loan spell at Cardiff City before being recalled by Norwich, then was sold to Wigan Athletic in 2013
  • Spent 3 seasons at Wigan from 2013-2016, making 81 appearances. Wigan were relegated to League Two at the end of the 2014-15 season. His contract expired in July 2016
  • Joined Bury in July 2016

Roman Bednář


Age now: 33

Current Club: Retired

Joined Albion: 2007 on loan from Hearts, made permanent 2008

Left Albion: 2012 to Blackpool on free transfer, following loan spells at Leicester and Ankaragücü

Post Albion Career Summary: 

  • Signed 6 month deal at Blackpool in 2012, pairing up with ex Albion team mate Kevin Phillips
  • Had spells at Sivasspor and Sparta Prague between 2012 and 2015
  • Last club appears to have been 1. FK Příbram but now retired

Ishmael Miller


Age now: 29

Current Club: Free agent – contract expired at Huddersfield Town

Joined Albion: 2007 on loan from Manchester City, made permanent 2008

Left Albion: 2011 to Nottingham Forest, following loan spell at QPR

Post Albion Career Summary: 

  • Spent 1 season playing regularly for Nottingham Forest, before being loaned out for the next 2 seasons to Middlesbrough and Yeovil Town
  • Signed a 1 year deal at Blackpool in 2014
  • Joined Huddersfield Town in February 2015. His contract expired June 2016

Filipe Teixeira


Age now: 36

Current Club: Astra Giurgiu (Liga I)

Joined Albion: 2007 from Académica de Coimbra

Left Albion: 2010 to Metalurh Donetsk following loan at Barnsley

Post Albion Career Summary:

  • Joined FC Metalurh Donetsk in 2010 before being loaned to FC Braşov in 2011
  • Signed for AFC Rapid București in 2011 but was released when club entered administration in 2013, and joined Al-Shaab CSC for the rest of the season
  • Signed for FC Petrolul Ploiești in the summer of 2013 and helped them gain qualification for the Champions League
  • Currently plays for Astra Giurgiu and assisted with them winning Liga I and the Supercupa României in 2016

Jerome Thomas


Age now: 33

Current Club: Port Vale (League One)

Joined Albion: Free agent in 2009 following release by Portsmouth

Left Albion: Released 2013 after loan spell with Leeds

Post Albion Career Summary:

  • Signed for Crystal Palace in the Premier League in 2013. Made just 10 appearances before being released in 2015
  • Signed for Rotherham in February 2016 until the end of the season to help them avoid relegation from the Championship under Neil Warnock
  • Joined Port Vale in League One on a 1 year deal in July 2016

Gonzalo Jara Reyes


Age now: 31

Current Club: Universidad de Chile (Primera División of Chile)

Joined Albion: 2009 from Colo-Colo

Left Albion: Released in 2013, joined Nottingham Forest

Post Albion Career Summary:

  • Was released from Nottingham Forest in 2014 following a 1 year deal
  • Joined Mainz 05 until January 2016 when he ended his contract by mutual consent and signed for Universidad de Chile
  • Still active in International football for Chile. Recently played in the Copa America 2015 but got banned for several games for messing with Edinson Cavani’s arse hole

Steven Reid


Age now: 35

Current Club: Retired – First Team Coach at Reading

Joined Albion: on loan from Blackburn March 2010, made permanent May 2010

Left Albion: released 2014, joined Burnley

Post Albion Career Summary:

  • Joined Burnley on a 1 year deal following their promotion to the Premier League in 2014
  • Retired May 2015 following Burnley’s relegation
  • Appointed First Team Coach at Reading in June 2015 under Steve Clarke but stayed on following Clarke’s dismissal

Somen Tchoyi


Age now: 33

Current Club: UFC Markt Allhau (Burgenlandliga)

Joined Albion: 2010 from Red Bull Salzburg

Left Albion: 2012, joined FC Augsburg

Post Albion Career Summary:

  • Joined FC Augsburg on a short term deal in 2013
  • Spent time at Arema Cronous in 2014 and SV Austria Salzburg in 2015
  • Joined UFC Markt Allhau in July 2016

Abdoulaye Méïté


Age now: 36

Current Club: free agent, contract terminated at SJK Seinäjoki August 2016

Joined Albion: 2008 from Bolton Wanderers

Left Albion: released 2011, joined  Dijon FCO

Post Albion Career Summary: 

  • Left Dijon FCO after 1 season following their relegation to Ligue 2
  • Spent the 2013-14 season at FC Honka making 25 appearances
  • Had short spells at Doncaster Rovers in 2014 and Ross County in 2015
  • Joined SJK Seinäjoki on 1 year deal in February 2016 but was released in August 2016

Gabriel Tamaș


Age now: 32

Current Club: Steaua București (Liga I)

Joined Albion: January 2010 on loan from AJ Auxerre, made permanent May 2010

Left Albion: contract terminated in 2013

Post Albion Career Summary:

  • Joined CFR Cluj in 2013 – lasted 1 week until his contract was ended due to an incident at local pub
  • Spent 2013-14 season at Doncaster Rovers and 2014-15 season at Watford
  • In 2015 he joined Steaua București – lasted a few months before contract was ended due to regularly not turning up to training after drinking with friends
  • Joined Cardiff City in August 2015 but left by mutual agreement in February 2016 after spending most of his time in the development squad
  • Returned to Steaua Bucuresti in 2016 with strict conditions relating to his issues with alcohol

Luke Moore


Age now: 30

Current Club: free agent, released by Toronto FC in 2016

Joined Albion: February 2008 on loan from Aston Villa, made permanent June 2008

Left Albion: 2011 to Swansea City, following loan spell at Derby County

Post Albion Career Summary:

  • Joined Swansea City in 2011, making 55 appearances and scoring 8 goals in 3 years. His contract was terminated in August 2013
  • Spent 1 month at Elazığspor before leaving due to financial regulations
  • Moved to the MLS with Chivas USA in February 2014, before being traded to Colarado Rapids in May 2014 and subsequently traded to Toronto FC
  • Spent 2 seasons at Toronto making 42 appearances and scoring 7 goals before being released in February 2016

Borja Valero


Age now: 31

Current Club: Fiorentina (Serie A)

Joined Albion: 2008 from Mallorca

Left Albion: 2011 to Villareal, following a loan spell

Post Albion Career Summary:

  • Left Villareal in 2012 following their relegation to the Segunda División
  • Joined Fiorentina and helped them reach Europa League qualification in the 2012-13 season. In 2013-14 he was named in the ‘ Serie A Team of the Season’
  • He still plays for Fiorentina and had made over 130 appearances