Taking on the Champions

Leicester’s form this season has shown just what a massive ‘one off’ their first place finish was last season.

Remembering the fallen

Leicester went above and beyond in their efforts to honour the fallen for Remembrance. The stadium had poppies on the exterior walls, the groundsman had cut poppies into the pitch, and plastic bags were provided on seats to create a stunning visual display of red poppies on a white field.

One thing I did notice was the lack of information regarding the planned silence and display. I know it was the designated weekend for Premier League teams to do their Remembrance gestures and people should have really known, but the way Leicester’s concourse is down two flights of stairs from the pitch means you can’t hear anything that is going on. I didn’t even realise that the match had restarted after half time. Also the lack of TV screens meant that some people still in the concourse were unaware of The Last Post being played and continued to sing downstairs, leading to derision towards us from the Leicester fans. However, I have had a look on the Leicester forums and it appears some of their fans were caught out by this also, as they could hear Leicester songs during the silence.

Other than that I think the Remembrance activities were well observed by both sets of fans.

Yet another library

I would hope that if we ever win the top division in it’s current guise as The Premier League, the following season we would have a much better atmosphere than what I experienced at the King Power Stadium.

They have clappers which they all seem to do their own thing with; clapping at random times with no rhythm or song to accompany it. They have very cringey goal music and a drum, and I still thought their support was absolutely awful. The most witty thing they managed to come up with was “Champions of England, You’ll never sing that”, conveniently forgetting that we have in fact been Champions, almost 100 years before they were.

Their fans now appear to have the cockiness of fans of the top teams, but without the ability of the players on the field to back it up. None of us could believe their achievement last season, and I said on many occasions that it was like everything had come together in their favour: lack of serious injuries, all top teams being poor, etc.

In contrast, our away support was once again excellent. We backed the team throughout and came up with a couple of new, catchy songs.

Praise for Pulis

I think Pulis got the tactics for Sunday spot on. Performances like this where we press the opposition, not giving the ball away so easily and breaking quickly when we have the ball are all that we ‘Pulis haters’ have been asking for. If this was the usual standard of our play, we wouldn’t be complaining. I hope that this continues, but in previous games where we have done very well, he has still reverted to type in the next.

It was good to see Morrison and Brunt back in the side together, and Matt Phillips had his best game for us so far, in my opinion. Pulis says that Phillips’ only problem is a lack of self belief, so hopefully that performance and winning goal will do his confidence the world of good.

Jonny Evans was once again solid, and completely mugged off Okazaki with his change of direction (which I am still laughing about now!). The new song for him is very apt…..”Don’t worry, about a thing, ‘cus with Evans at the back, it’s gonna be alright”.