Pulling results out of the bag

Todays’s game against West Ham came as a surprise for most, but one of the reasons Pulis is still in management after all these years is the ability to pull results out of the bag when on a bad run. You will never lose several games on the bounce under Pulis.

The problem is – this is exactly the point the “anti Pulis” contingent have been trying to make. These footballers and this squad are not as crap as TP would make everyone believe. His excuse for his usual awful, defensive style is that “this is the hardest job he’s had”. He has managed to brainwash the media into thinking this, but we can see that is simply not true. We have seen we can play. We know we can play. That’s why it annoys us so much to see us sitting back against the likes of Northampton and Sunderland.

Another ploy TP uses is always bigging up the opposition, their players and how much they have spent in his pre and post match press conferences. This adds to the illusion that Pulis is doing such a good job at tiny, penniless, unambitious West Brom.

We always seem to pull a good performance out if the bag whenever Pulis is feeling the pressure, as well as when playing one of his former sides like Palace. This to me says our restrictive play is totally down to him. If he can go for it in these games why can’t we go for it a bit more often? We aren’t asking to play like Barcelona, just for Pulis to be reasonable against teams we are perfectly capable of beating.

An excellent performance all round

Despite all of the above, I am very very happy with the performance today. That is probably the best performance I have seen under Pulis. I think Nacer Chadli is exactly what we have been missing for a long time. I can’t really fault anyone today but McClean, Chadli and Rondon get special mentions. Some really excellent saves from Foster prevented us being even more nervous in the closing stages.

I think the crowd also got well behind the team today. It works both ways. We try to back the team regardless but show us style¬†and passing like that and we will respond. We understand we are not Brazil but we don’t want to sit there thinking about all the other stuff we could be getting done on a Saturday. For once I agree with Pulis – today was very entertaining. That is all we’re asking for.

It was good to see Robson-Kanu and Nyom getting some game time. They both look good. It’s not their fault that we were expecting some higher profile names. I think they are solid additions and will be able to contribute a great deal throughout the season.